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What about maternity care and your insurance?

If you’re pregnant, it’s best to register for maternity care as soon as possible. Isis Kraamzorg has contracts with all health insurers, and so maternity care costs are always reimbursed. Your health insurer will reimburse almost 100% of maternity care costs. Isis Kraamzorg uses the Landelijk Indicatie Protocol [‘National Indication Protocol’] in order to establish how many hours of maternity care you will need.

Maternity care is covered by your basic insurance

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foto Basic insurance for maternity care
Reimbursement of maternity care costs

Basic insurance for maternity care

Maternity care is covered by your basic insurance. As standard, you are entitled to 49 hours of maternity care spread over eight days. The maternity nurse will discuss how the hours are distributed with you. The hours can be spread over the eight days flexibly. The legal minimum that you are entitled to is 24 hours.

If you give birth in hospital, the number of days that you have to stay in hospital will be deducted from the number of days of maternity care you will receive. For each day you spend in hospital, the average number of hours per day will be deducted. The day that you arrive home does not count as a day spent in hospital.

A personal contribution applies

Personal contribution

A statutory personal contribution applies for each hour of maternity care provided.

Indication of maternity care hours

Once you have registered with Isis Kraamzorg, you will have an intake session with us in around the seventh month of your pregnancy. Following the intake, the number of maternity care hours you will receive will be set. This will be your first indication. In some situations, we will provide more maternity care than the 49 hours that are included in the basic package. This will be the case if you are expecting more than one child, for example.

After labour, which is when your postnatal period will start, a second indication will be made. Based on the second indication, the number of maternity care hours you will receive will be adjusted if necessary. The number of hours of maternity care may also change during the maternity care period. This will be the third indication. For example, if feeding isn’t going smoothly enough yet or if you are lacking confidence. In consultation with the midwife, the maternity nurse can indicate that more care is needed.

Buying extra maternity care

Isis Kraamzorg gives you the option to buy additional maternity care after the standard 49 hours, at a rate of €60.00 per hour. You can also extend the number of days that maternity care is provided. Unfortunately, additional hours of maternity care are not reimbursed by the insurer unless you have a medical indication for this.

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