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For maternity care, Isis Kraamzorg is the place to be!

Found out you’re pregnant? Congratulations! For maternity care, Isis Kraamzorg is the place to be. Isis Kraamzorg provides maternity care services for you and your family in a warm, relaxed environment.

We recommend registering for maternity care around the 12th week of your pregnancy. Please contact our Customer Service team with any questions: 0513-727042

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Why choose Isis Kraamzorg?

Isis Kraamzorg will prepare you for your postnatal period and parenthood and will provide support and care during labour. During the postnatal period, we will ensure you and your family get a warm, relaxed start. We will also make sure your partner and other children are well looked after. Our clients gave our care an average score of 9.5.

We never provide standard care. Every mother, family, pregnancy, labour and baby is different. We believe that good maternity care should be able to deal with non-standard situations. Our maternity nurses have a good awareness of your needs. That’s something you can rely on. At Isis Kraamzorg, you get maternity care that meets your needs, preferences and requirements.

Our staff are flexible and provide expert care, including in the run up to and after the postnatal period. Isis Kraamzorg’s maternity nurses are certified and receive regular training. They are registered with the Kwaliteitsregister Kenniscentrum Kraamzorg [‘Quality Register for Maternity Care Knowledge Centre’] and are proud holders of the Global Breastfeeding Scorecard. (which recognises high-quality support for mothers who want to breastfeed).

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By the end of your first week postpartum, you’ll be feeling confident about your new role as a parent. And that’s all thanks to Isis’ maternity nurses!

What does a maternity nurse do?

Isis’ maternity care services actually begin during labour. Your maternity nurse will assist the midwife during labour if necessary. If you give birth in hospital and the maternity nurse was not present at the birth, he or she will come to the hospital around the time that you are being discharged and do a ‘warm handover’ with hospital staff. You and your partner will be there. This ensures that your maternity care aligns with the care you have received in hospital.

The goal of maternity care is to give you and your partner the confidence to care for your baby independently and get into a daily routine.

Your maternity nurse will also:

  • Closely monitor both the baby’s and your health and carry out daily medical checks.
  • Discuss your postnatal recovery and your baby’s development with the midwife.
  • Provide general care for your baby and give you tips, information and advice.
  • Helps your partner and other children where necessary, as our maternity care services are here for you and your family.
  • Perform a number of jobs around the house. Ensure a good level of hygiene is an important aspect of maternity care that helps prevent infection. These tasks include changing the beds and cleaning the sanitary facilities.
  • Provide information on breast feeding and bottle feeding. She will help you and your partner breastfeed and/or bottle feed your baby. In order to help you, your partner and your baby to bond, maternity care focuses on ‘developmental care’.
  • Enjoying this special time, getting pampered and relaxing are also very important during the postpartum period. Your maternity nurse can support you with this, for example by making you a nice lunch, preparing your daily portion of fruit and receiving any visitors.

Maternity care: costs and hours

How many hours of maternity care am I entitled to?

Maternity care is covered by your basic insurance. As standard, you are entitled to 49 hours of maternity care spread over eight days. These hours can be distributed flexibly. You will discuss the hours with your maternity nurse. In some situations, you will be able to get more maternity care hours, for example if feeding is not going well or you don’t feel confident enough yet. In consultation with the midwife, the maternity nurse can indicate that more care is needed. If the pregnancy results in multiple babies being born, you will be entitled to two extra hours of maternity care per day.

How much does maternity care cost?

Isis Kraamzorg has contracts with all health insurers, and your health insurer will reimburse almost 100% of maternity care costs. You pay a statutory personal contribution for each hour of maternity care provided. This personal contribution only applies to maternity care provided after childbirth. In addition to the standard 49 hours of maternity care, you can buy additional maternity care from Isis Kraamzorg at a rate of €37.50 per hour. Unless you have a medical indication for this, unfortunately these hours will not be reimbursed by your health insurer.

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