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Baby supply exchange

Isis Kraamzorg maintains its own baby supply exchange. If you cannot afford to buy a baby outfit, you can rely on the baby supply exchange (Kraambank). The Kraambank collects second-hand baby clothes and other supplies and passes those onto families in need. Sustainability is very important to us. We help families out and give baby kit a second chance. The Kraambank has branches in Groningen and Heerenveen.It was founded as a result of increasing numbers of expectant parents and families who could use a helping hand. Luckily, many families care about these expectant parents and are willing to donate their used items to Isis Kraamzorg’s baby supply exchange. The exchange can continue running thanks to these generous donations.

Our exchanges in Groningen and Heerenveen now have a wonderful supply of baby items, from maternity clothes for mums to baby clothes including rompers, trousers, jackets and jumpers (up to size 68). We also have prams, Maxi-Cosis, baby baths, nappies, sheets and maternity kits.

Check out our Facebook page for the latest news from the Kraambank.

The Kraambank is here to help!

Register for our maternity care
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The Kraambank is here to help

Could do with some help?

Need help from the Kraambank? Talk it over with your midwife, gynaecologist or the person leading your intake session. They will know what you need for your baby. If the Kraambank can help, the midwife, gynaecologist or person leading your intake will contact us on your behalf.

We are not here to help everyone – only expectant parents who have been registered. Once you have been registered with us, we will contact you to make an appointment to visit the Kraambank in Heerenveen or Groningen.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Service team on 0513-727042 or email:

Want to donate some supplies?

We are very happy to receive any of your left-over baby supplies that are still in good condition. Your items will be an enormous help to other parents! This list tells you which items the Kraambank collects.

Opening hours

The Kraambank is open to drop off items at the following locations and times:

Kraambank Groningen (Queridolaan 5 in Groningen): Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8.30am and 5pm.

Kraambank Heerenveen (K.R. Poststraat 131 in Heerenveen): Wednesdays between 9am and 3pm.

Passionate about the Kraambank

Our volunteers

The Kraambank can only keep running thanks to the valuable volunteers who put their heart and soul into helping those families who need it most. If you’d like to work at the Kraambank as a volunteer, please send an email to

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